About Us

Go ahead – judge a book by its cover.

Elizabeth has always been fascinated by art in both its visual and written forms. An avid reader, she believes a cover should convey a sense of the book’s tone, genre, and a hint (or more) of the story. As an artist, she’s drawn to covers with bold colors and high contrast. Minimal imagery, high impact. Covers that make you think, but still give a significant idea of what you’re about to read. Some of her favorites include Cinder,  The Teleportation Accident, and the Twilight covers.

When Selestiele Designs is hired to create a cover, or any promotional item, we collaborate with the author through phone or email to create a visual representation of the author’s vision. We do our best to accommodate the author’s wishes, and offer suggestions based on our knowledge of current genre trends and general design elements.

Selestiele Designs were contracted to provide covers for three of my novels and a collected edition of those copies. What I wanted was a stylised, sophisticated set of covers that were simple, abstract and yet compelling. Rather in the manner of the ‘Fifty Shades’ paperback covers which had just been published at the time.

Elizabeth did a brilliant (and fast) job on the covers which were very different from the ones they were replacing. Sales of the books rose after the change. In fact, counting free copies from special offers, the first book has been downloaded by more people than any of my other books.  I would certainly consider using Selestiele Designs in the future as they offer a high quality product at reasonable prices.

~John Booth, Author of the Magic series and the Inspector Monde Mysteries